Technical Service

​​​Do you have a machine that you need to install or do you need technical service performed on it?
Our professional and experienced technicians will provide fast and effective service in order to fix your problems and allow you to start your operations very quickly!

Our technicians specialize in a large array of machinery, from smaller units to more complex configurations and they have great experience in working in large facilities.

Also, we are available to come to you everywhere in USA and Canada. At Euro-Technical Services, we are eager to provide the best service possible to satisfy your needs.

If you would like to get more information, please get in touch with us!


Euro-Technical Services, Inc. is the official contractor for Macchi SPA installations and technical services in the U.S.A.

We provide:

- a team of highly experienced and skilled technicians led by Maurilio Millefanti;

- constant contact with the Italian technical office;

- remote support and problem diagnosis;

- Support by phone and email to all Macchi North American customers. 

About Macchi SPA:

Macchi SPA ranks among the leading manufacturers of blown film extrusion lines in the world, with more than 1500 satisfied customers.
In fact, Macchi has served more than 90 countries and manufactured 2500 lines in its 58 years in business.

Quality has always been a top priority at Macchi, from design to selection of the components, from manufacturing to software development up to the cooperation with customers.
The team is highly specialized in controlling the production process all the way through, with perfectly integrated systems.
The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification confirms the company's daily commitment in reaching the target.

Moreover, Macchi offers one of the best price/performance ratio and a cost-effective system that allows savings in both labor and energy costs.

Finally, the high quality components provide long term performances with low cost of ownership.