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Technical Service

 ​​​Do you have a machine that you need to install or do you need technical service performed on it?
Our professional and experienced technicians will provide fast and effective service in order to fix your problems and allow you to start your operations very quickly!

Our technicians specialize in a large array of machinery, from smaller units to more complex configurations and they have great experience in working in large facilities. Also, we are available to come to you everywhere in USA and Canada.

At Euro-Technical Services, we are eager to provide the best service possible to satisfy your needs. If you would like to get more information, please get in touch with us!

Spare parts

 ​​​​Euro-Technical Services, Inc. is the only official North America distributor of GA.VO. Meccanica spare parts.
We keep in stock the most requested items and we work in liaison with the supplier to distribute special orders. 
Our customer service is reliable and professional, it works constantly to provide the most effective and efficient assistance possible.

About GA.VO. Meccanica:
GA.VO. Meccanica is an Italian company that specializes in the production of core cutter machines for the final use.
They are leader in Europe in this field but their presence is very strong all over the word, exporting their machinery to 50 countries.
GA.VO. Meccanica's portfolio is very wide, in fact they offer 8 machine models and they have proudly produced 600 units.

For futher information, please visit GA.VO. Meccanica's website:

Storage and handling solutions

Since March 2020 Euro-Technical Services Inc. is the only North America distributor of ROLL items.

About ROLL:
Roll is a young team that since 2002 has been working with the biggest industrial rolls/reels producers (paper mills, plastic films, non-woven fabric, flexible packaging, ...). They are the experts in Europe for PACKAGING, HANDLING, and STORAGE of INDUSTRIAL ROLLS. They offer the best solutions on the market and they develop products according to the needs of the customers.

Visit ROLL website clicking on this link or get in touch with us to know more!

Euro-Technical Services, Inc. is the U.S. sales agent of Eurotech Extrusion Machinery Srl.

About Eurotech Extrusion Machinery Srl (

Since 1999, offers complete solutions and systems dedicated to laboratories and research departments of companies specialized in production, manufacturing and processing of thermoplastic materials. They produce complete extrusion lines as well, keeping small/medium scale machines. 

Visit website to take a look to their machines and please reach out to us if you would like further information :

For any further information: